Stephen Groce CEO of BUILT By PN Industries, Inc.

2x feature interview participant Stephen Groce CEO of BUILT By PN Industries, Inc. talks about his role as Chair of the City of San Diego's Human Relations Commission, working with Non-profit organizations, collaborating with cohorts to increase San Diego's tourism industry, and providing students pathways to college and the opportunity to attend a San Diego college or University.

-The American Dream Show

Get to Know Steph Groce

A Profile on Candidate for San Diego Unified School Board. This profile allowed San Diego voters to explore my positions on education related topics, goals if elected, and past experience working with children, schools, and the community.

- Clairemont Times 2016

2016 San Diego Unified School District Trustee Campaign

Episode 2

2016 San Diego Unified School District Campaign

Public Safety Awareness

Holiday safety tips.


- Clairemont Town Council Newsletter.

Community Activist

2X feature conversation about the City of San Diego, Education in San Diego, School Shootings in the wake of Parkland High, and Donald Trump's reaction to arming teachers.

- "Bring D'Payne" San Diego City College Radio 

The CEO That Started Big and BUILT a Conglomerate

Stephen Groce was laid off from a retail sporting goods store, finished running for political office, and focused on his business. He started at the top by building a corporation with two divisions off the back. BUILT By PN Industries, Inc., Brands for Utility, Interaction, Learning & Thought offers consumers two divisions focused on products and service.

- BisTalk with Bob Ryan

Episode 1

Stephen Groce

Chair, City of San Diego Human Relations Commission

Discussion on Social Justice and Equity issues across San Diego and the Nation.

"It was indeed a powerful show"

-Buki Domingos and Dr. Darwin Fishman

Neighborhood Watch Comes to Clairemont

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - In an effort to combat crime in Clairemont, dozens of new neighborhood watch signs will be installed in the community over the coming weeks.

-CBS 8 News

A Trusted and Valued Community Leader

Stephen Groce has participated in many of the City of San Diego's most important decisions and Councilmember positions. He has helped to choose both of the city's Police and Fire Chiefs, supported efforts to ensure citywide inclusion and mutual respect.

- The City of San Diego

LEGACY Parenting Survival Wear

BUILT By PN Industries, Inc.'s core business channel is LEGACY Parenting Survival Wear. This multi-brand company that is an innovative clothing brand and collection that merges comfort, convenience, utility, and value with the benefits of early stage Child Learning and Development, while stimulating and fostering a bonding experience between children and their parent or caregivers.

-Voyager Magazine

Stephen "Steph" Groce