My commitment to innovation and equitable education will help the board to identify solutions to many of our current classroom and student resource disparities.  As a parent of three young children I am invested in creating the best learning environment possible, integrating feedback from parents, and collaboration and data-driven solutions to our educational challenges.

Let’s restore the CHARACTER of the School Board! Together, we can invest in early childhood learning, student engagement, and student and parent rights. Help me secure positive learning environments by working with me to ensure that schools are secure and that student safety is a top priority. Let's reform the San Diego School Board election process by advocating for "District Only Elections." Donate today and let's get to work!

Focused on our kids' future

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my Message to San Diego Education Stakeholders:

my goals

I’m Stephen Groce, and I’m running for School Board Trustee in the San Diego Unified School District because I can see what's possible – a new Trustee who can collaborate, embrace transparency, exercise budget oversight, cultivate an environment of safety and achieve prosperity for students, Teachers, Parents, and Classified staff. As an Entrepreneur, I am trained to reconcile obstacles and see challenges for what they truly are, then find the best solution forward. I will apply this approach to finding answers to the some of the problems we face with constant threats of teacher layoffs, budget deficits, classroom and student resource shortfalls, and student inequities - so that we can all get back to the work of providing our students the best educational environment and experience possible.

The values of my campaign are to promote fair access to STEAM/ STEM and Vocational learning pathways as a necessity in the education of our students and not by placing ceilings on a student’s ability to achieve the highest degree or profession that they choose to pursue. The current approach for our Clairemont and Madison community of schools rolls back the investment in STEM by reducing the STEM opportunities in the two community High Schools against favoring a preferred High school in a neighboring community. Although other High Schools may be in Trustee area, this approach to redirecting students into a nearby community disadvantages hundreds of students and their chances to learn in their own residential neighborhood.  

- S. Groce

Candidate Steph Groce

"The Student, Teacher, or Parent Who Never Took a Chance at Engagement, Never Had a Chance."
  • Create the most transparent and inclusive strategies to address district challenges and opportunities.

  • Work together with the City and private stakeholders to reduce the strain on the budget.

  • Right-size the policies by: (1) re-investing in budget oversight with an Internal Auditor; (2) ensuring that School Site Councils are led by community members; and (3) reforming the school election process by adhering to the standard District Only elections format.

  • Create a strong foundation for our Pre K-12 system leading into first-class colleges and universities.

  • We can work towards identifying and implementing school funding solutions and teacher pay.